Jo Dissanayake A Gut Instinct

Firstly let me introduce myself to you. My name is Jo Dissanayake, I am the mother of two wonderful children Erykah and Xavier and my husband’s name is Shami. We live in a northern suburb of Brisbane, originally from the UK and Sri Lanka, however both children were born in Australia.

I guess you are all wondering why we embarked on our journey to wellness. So I will start back to the beginning or rather to when Erykah was 5 yrs old and started Grade 1.

She had sailed through Prep a very happy and sociable little girl. She did however suffer from daytime wetting everytime there was change, a change of teacher, when family visitors headed back overseas, or any change to her routine something which paediatricians and physiotherapists were unable to work out as all tests came back normal. We were offered to hold her back in Prep but purely as she was one of the youngest in the year. As her parents we said no let her go into Grade 1. Something I am so glad we did as the problems only appeared once learning through play ended.

Grade 1 was hard for both Erykah and myself. I shed many a tear after having my daughter described as a difficult badly behaved child by her teacher. What was she doing? She was refusing to write. She was therefore refusing to do most school work. She could spell and read so therefore was labelled as being difficult.

This was something that I was not willing to accept. My daughter was being described as someone I did not recognise from home. Yes she could be hard work, always refusing to want to go anywhere different on a weekend a real home body who loved being at home.

I decided to look for help from a behavioural optometrist something I had never heard of before but a friend recommended. I was in luck we had one not far away and got an appointment. We were then on referred to a Chiroprator/Applied Kineseologist who specialised in Retained Neonatal Reflexes. There are 12 and Erykah had retained all 12 of them. The treatment usually takes 12 weeks however the Moro reflex kept raising its ugly head. Amazingly after her second week of treatment the teacher came running out of the classroom to tell me Erykah had written a full page of A4. This was not to last it came and went in waves.

After about 12 months of this treatment and seeing the Behavioural Optometrist every three months we were advised that something else was going on. They believed it to be in Erykah’s gut. They also suggested that she had heavy metal toxicity coming from me during birth (mother’s dump their toxins from their body into the unborn child) and also from the preservatives in vaccines. We were advised to remove Gluten from the diet.

We went Gluten free in May 2012 and saw improvements in both kids. Xavier especially calmed down was less full on and wasn’t leaping about all over the place. I will list the behaviours we were seeing from both kids prior to any treatment on another page.

Still there was not enough improvement and we were now well into Grade 2. I was getting nowhere with school they kept telling me Erykah refused to do her work so they were keeping her in during breaks and after school (she was 7 yrs old) I was not happy with this and so I decided to go to an occupational therapist for an assessment.

We got a diagnosis of Dyspraxia, Sensory Processing Disorder and executive functioning. Erykah was very low muscle tone.

I gave this diagnosis to school to be told we do not get funding for Dyspraxia so there was nothing they would do to assist. I paid for the OT to go into school to educate the teacher on how to assist Erykah in her learning. They were not interested. I got a report from a child pschologist who suggested ADHD (inattentive) I was determined we were not going to give my daughter drugs to deal with this. Following on from this I got an appointment with a Paediatrician for learning difficulties. Most had closed books and the one we saw was trying to say ADHD however in the end decided there was not enough evidence. He sent us on our way.

By this time I had decided to change schools and we found a local private lutheran college that was willing to help Erykah in her learning and we got a place for Grade 3. We also were told that we should try and get Erykah in to see a Dr in Brisbane called Dr Frank Golik who was a holistic Dr and would look at the underlying cause of Erykah’s issues and treat them first. He also had closed books but we were able to get in and see his Kineseologist. We were advised to start the GAPS diet. This will be another post as the GAPS diet takes some explaining but in short it is a gluten, grain, dairy, sugar, starch free diet with lots of organic fresh produce and fermented food.

Erykah had to have blood tests which pulled up she was deficient in lots of minerals and vitamins and a urine test discovered she suffered from Kryptopyrolles. We began the diet and supplements back in November 2012 and we are still seeing improvements every day. She is no longer hating school, she is less anxious, is able to listen complete her homework and now has a best friend.

Xavier had his blood tests done in April 2013 and he was also deficient in lots of minerals and has Kryptopyrrole and the tests showed his gut was in a very bad way.

The whole family has gone onto the diet and supplements that they require and we have all been tested positive for Kryptopyrolle along with gut issues. We have what is called leaky gut and we are in the process of healing this through diet, reducing toxins from our home, food and water supply.

Once we turned our back on traditional medicine and looked for an alternative way to help initially Erykah but then following our discovery that we all had Kryptopyrrole we all turned to holistic healing. The differences in my kids are amazing.

Erykah had a lordosis of the spine which always put her off balance, she had a bloated distended stomach, she burped like a man (something we now discover is down to low stomach acid a symptom of leaky gut) she was anaphylacic to Walnuts, Almonds and Pecans, she could not regulate her emotions and used to lash out and then cry for what felt like forever. She was unable to fall to sleep on a night and was very clingy when she was dropped off at school,

Xavier was just always a very full on little boy he never sat still and he never had solid stools. He would never seem to tire and even without a daytime sleep would still be wide awake at 9pm at night far too late for a 4 year old. We were getting reports from his daycare centre that there was something not right as he was unable to sit still and very hyper when he was 3 yrs old. They were thinking ADHD. We never went for a diagnosis.

I now have two happy children who are a pleasure to be around. They are not constantly fighting like they used to. They show love and affection for each other. They role play and play the same game to the end. Erykah no longer has such a defined curvature of the spine, she is less clumsy, she can dress herself, feed herself and does not spill drinks like she used to do. She does not fall over like she used to do.

I guess what I am trying to say is that the Gaps Diet and Dr Frank Golik and his introduction of supplements has made a HUGE difference to my family and this website is to share about all the things I have discovered during our journey to wellness.

Update we are also suffering from Lyme Disease discovered in October 2013 and so myself and my son are undergoing treatment for this. It explains a lot of things for me as to why I am so exhausted all the time with constant aches and pains.

If you have any questions please get in touch and I will try and answer them for you and if I am unable to I can hopefully point you in the right direction.